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Yee Haw! A Look at Western Riding Events

By Sharon Rogers
Western Show HorseI love western riding! I like the full out country feel of riding in jeans, boots and a cowboy hat. I love the sturdy feel of a western saddle that was crafted with the idea that I would spend a lot of time riding. There is something very elemental to me about the back to the earth feeling I get when I am riding western, whether it is for recreation or in horse competitions. English riding may have a more elegant look but the American west was built on cowboys riding western style, and I am with them.

Horse shows often have events that are done in either Western or English styles, and they are actually very different from each other. Today I want to talk to you about my favorite, Western riding competitive events. A Western competition may include events such as horsemanship, roping, pleasure, gymkhana and a myriad of others these are my favorites. So I will don my virtual jeans and boots, grab my horse and walk you through some of these awesome exploits. Put on your Stetson and join me! Continue reading