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Be Brilliant at Your First English Riding Event

By Sharon Rogers
English Riding Events

Anyone who knows me or who has been following my blog knows that I have a distinct favoritism for western riding. I like the clothing I wear while riding western, the style of the saddle and even the fact that I can ride well with one hand on the reins. That being said English style riding is an important aspect of competitive horseback riding events. Today I want to introduce you to the English riding style and tell you a little about how these events work. Continue reading

Horse Show Outfits | How To Dress When Competing In A Horse Show

By Sharon Rogers

Horse Show Photo

Horse Show Outfits: How to Dress When Competing in a Horse Show

I am a woman who loves horses. Some people might assume that means I am not interested in fashion at all. They would be wrong. I may spend most of my time in jeans and boots, with hay stuck to my clothes and a hat keeping my hair in place, but I love looking beautiful when the Continue reading