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Protecting Your Horse From the Horse Theft Threat

By Sharon Rogers
The words horse theft conjure up images of the Wild West for me. I see cowboys and six shooters and the OK Corral. Unfortunately horse thieves are not just a figment of our imaginations, or a scene in a movie. Our beautiful animals are the victims of unscrupulous people all the time. Today I want to spend some time sharing some tips on how you can protect your horse, and yourself from horse theft.

Who Steals Horses, Anyway?

Horse Theft

I guess the easy answer to that question is that horse thieves steal horses. I guess a better question would be why are horses being stolen? In some areas of the world, where horse meat is used for human consumption, horses may be stolen and taken to slaughter. The value of the horse would depend on the market price for the meat. While horse meat cannot be sold legally in the U.S. for human consumption, the slaughter still occurs and the meat is shipped to other countries. Horse meat is also used in some pet foods in the U.S. I won’t get into my personal feelings on horse slaughter houses at this time. I will save my rant on that subject for another day! Continue reading