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Fashion Trends: Do’s and Don’ts in the Horse Show Ring

By Sharon Rogers

Horse Show FashionI don’t know about you but I don’t get dressed up to go to work. If you know me, or have ever read my blog, you know I love my jeans and boots. They are sturdy, comfortable and long wearing. They are the perfect uniform for my job. They are also just right for play. I work with horses, of course, but I also spend some of my best leisure time on a horse. I guess the moral of the story is that I spend a lot of time in my “uniform.” Don’t make the mistake of thinking that these clothes mean I am not interested in fashion. I may be a horsewoman but I know my fashion! So today we are going to talk about equestrian fashion. Continue reading

The Nation’s Top Horse Shows

By Sharon Rogers

People love their horses for a variety of reasons. It can be as simple as the beauty and peacefulness you feel when you are surrounded by horses, or it may be the freedom that you feel as you are riding on the back of that strong and muscular animal. People who love horses and have a liking for competition may enjoy participating in horse shows. In this post I’ll talk a little about a few of the nation’s top horse shows.

Horse Jump

If you are thinking of involving yourself and your horse in a horse show there are many to choose from. You will want to research the available competitions and shows in your area and keep in mind the type of riding you most enjoy as you do. Your choice of English or Western saddle will help narrow down your choices, as will your riding level. Most show riders start their careers by entering local horse shows to build their confidence and the comfort level of their horses. There are more than 1300 United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) horse shows that allow riders of all levels to participate. Continue reading

Horse Show Outfits | How To Dress When Competing In A Horse Show

By Sharon Rogers

Horse Show Photo

Horse Show Outfits: How to Dress When Competing in a Horse Show

I am a woman who loves horses. Some people might assume that means I am not interested in fashion at all. They would be wrong. I may spend most of my time in jeans and boots, with hay stuck to my clothes and a hat keeping my hair in place, but I love looking beautiful when the Continue reading