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9 Ways to Keep the Barn Safe for your Horses

Barn Safety
By Sharon Rogers
I love horses! I know you hear me say that all the time. My passion for these beautiful creatures is one of the reasons I write this blog. I enjoy having the opportunity to share what I have learned in the hope of improving your relationship with your horse. When you share your thoughts and experiences with me I gain as much as I give. Today I want to talk about horse safety. Hopefully some of the following safety tips will help to keep your horses in a safe and comfortable environment. Continue reading

Fire and Emergency Evacuation Plans and Tips for Horse Owners

By Sharon Rogersstable_pic

When we give love and are loved in return we have a great responsibility to the object of our affection. Most important is the responsibility to always take the best care possible of whoever or whatever we love. For those of us that love horses, a major part of that responsibility is to have an emergency evacuation plan prepared just in case we ever need to use it. All of our loved ones, the two legged and four legged varieties, need an evacuation plan that covers all emergencies. Continue reading