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Is Your Horse Overweight? Identifying Obesity in Horses

Horse Eating
By Sharon Rogers

If you love your horse, and I know you do, then it is up to you to keep that horse healthy! What my horse is eating, how much he is eating and how active he is are things I watch out for every day. We all know that carrying too much weight can be a health risk for ourselves. It is time to realize that the same health risks that can plague overweight humans can also affect overweight horses. So today, I want to spend a little time talking about how to be aware of your horse’s weight and fitness so you can spend as many years as possible with your friend and companion. Continue reading

Horse Colic: How to Identify and Treat Colic in Horses

By Sharon Rogers

Horse grazingHorse Colic: How to Identify and Treat Colic in Horses

If you love horses and have spent any time around them you have discovered that they can talk to you. Of course, I know that the horse is not having a conversation with you, but their eyes and body language can say so much. If you have ever seen a case of horse colic, you have seen the animal’s distress in a flash. Continue reading