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Be Brilliant at Your First English Riding Event

By Sharon Rogers
English Riding Events

Anyone who knows me or who has been following my blog knows that I have a distinct favoritism for western riding. I like the clothing I wear while riding western, the style of the saddle and even the fact that I can ride well with one hand on the reins. That being said English style riding is an important aspect of competitive horseback riding events. Today I want to introduce you to the English riding style and tell you a little about how these events work. Continue reading

Horse Jumping Games Explained

By Sharon Rogers

Horses are one the animals on planet Earth that soothes our soul. They definitely are their own person, don’t pose a dangerous threat to anyone or anything, and are the freest spirited loving creatures imaginable.

Just to watch wild horses in their environment is an amazing site. If you gain their trust, you will have gained a friend for life. They are very protective just like a dog is to their master. They will come to you and talk and play. Yes, horses love games! Horse jumping is a natural trait to them and you can truly make it into a game.

You do not have to ride a horse to play games or horse jump. Run with a horse and jump hurdles. No worries! The horses jump over anything and keep going. They know when they are safe and when you are with them they trust you to be safe.

When you ride together, the horse and you become one spirit. Just hang on and enjoy the ride! Gently have it jump over a log and race over a stream. When the trust is built, then make an obstacle course. Never ever make anything too high and crowded. Horses are big creatures and they need room to jump. When they do, picture their huge body flying through the air. That is how much room you need to land to clear the obstacle.

Horse jumping games can be given rewards. A little bit of sugar or sweet corn will have your new friend begging for more fun and games. Always make the game fun and never force the horse to do something they do not. Just like us humans, there will be days they simply are not in the mood.

You want your horse to always feel happy and safe when you come around. They do remember things that are bad and will shy away forever over a bad memory. Keep those memories fun and creative. Make a horse jumping game different to keep them challenged and exercised.

Soon, your horse will beg you everyday to play. It de-stresses and relaxes you, as a horse truly will soothe your soul.