Horses Helping People

By Sharon Rogers

Horses have been around for thousands of years in various aspects of people’s lives. Horses have been used for herding cattle, plowing agricultural lands, as warrior horses, transportation needs, and as therapeutic needs for us.

There is no doubt that horses can help people overcome any type of disability that they may have. It doesn’t matter if it’s psychological or physical; a horse can alter the perception they have of themselves.

A horse can give hope to a person who sees none. Horses have been helping people cope for a long time and this is commonly known as equine involvement for the treatment of ailments that affect people.

The pressures of everyday life have brought on stress related issues that sometimes turn into depression or at least problems that are leveled with anxiety.

Animals offer unconditional in love and are a constant reminder of our reflection in life. Horses in particular respond well to people who value them.

People who are depressed and are relegated to take care of a horse can find themselves a completely changed person after a couple of sessions with the animal.

There are no pre-qualifications to take care of a horse, but a horse knows and feels when a person is in need. The natural perception of a horse can dwell deep within a person’s heart. Once a horse responds to the care of a person that needs psychological help, then the outcome may be of compassion and opening up people to the helpfulness of the world.

There are so many stories of how horses can help people with many kinds of disabilities. Some of these disabilities include people that have behavioral disorders. A wide range of ailments can encompass these type disorders, but time and time again horses help people calm their emotions.

With calmness, and the need for care to the horses, people that have their own problems, now have to take care of somebody else’s problem. Namely, the horse needs attention, and this requires the person to give clear and resolute commands so that the horse will understand.

We are just touching the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to rehabilitation of people with the help of horses. Horses will be helping people for a long time to come.