History of Horses and Humans

By Sharon Rogers

Horses throughout the centuries have been used in numerous activities such as pulling a plow or wagon, horse racing, and going for an afternoon ride. It is the human side that makes a horse their own personality. That is why there is such a huge understanding between people and horses throughout time.

A horse is just like a dog. They have feelings and personality. They will be protective and supportive with their human. If that human is ever mean, it will break a horse’s spirit. It is true a horse is the gentlest creature to humans. This is why the history of horses and humans are seen in history books and the walls of caves throughout the world.

When a horse learns a human will not harm them, they ease up and relax. They learn the baby steps of communication and talking with people. Horses really do love to talk and play! As the talking and playing progresses, then trying to ride the horse is a crucial next step. Once a horse understands no harm will happen that horse will actually bond to that person. That is a magical step!

This is what happened in the movie War Horse. The horse was so loved but had to be sold for money that was desperately needed. So, he traveled to across Europe and the horse saw and went through very terrible things. Even in the middle of a war, the young kid became a soldier and they both were reunited. The horse never forgot the love of that boy. The horse served its country, was retired and saved from dying.

In modern times, horse shows and racing are very common. They are still used in some countries to plow the fields or go for a buggy ride in town used by the Amish for example. With the rising cost of gas prices, people have given up their cars and went back to using horses for transportation.

The history of horses and humans will never go away. There will always be more history made with humans and horses throughout the winds of time.