Shoeless Horses: The Barefoot Concept

By Sharon Rogers

Barefoot Horse
I love shoes, don’t you? I spend most of my time barefoot or wearing my boots, but I still have a closet full of shoes for all occasions. Shoe shopping is definitely one of the perks of being a girl! Now that I have made that secret public, let’s talk about shoes for horses. It has long been believed that horses need to wear horseshoes to maintain hoof health. The barefoot horse movement is changing that point of view for many horse enthusiasts. I, for one, am in favor of a more holistic and natural way to keep my horses and the barefoot movement seems to fit the bill. That is why I am currently transitioning my animals to join the growing ranks of barefoot horses. A barefoot horse is a horse that has achieved the ability to be shoeless at all times. Continue reading

Don’t Risk Horsing Around with Horse Training: Negative Effects of Overtraining a Horse

By Sharon Rogers


I have a confession to make. I, Sharon Rogers, love training horses. The thrill of taking such an incredible animal and teaching him to follow his instincts and my lead can’t be beat. Training a horse is an amazing venture that starts with building trust between the trainer and the animal. From that point on, the sky is the limit!

What do you need to know before you start?

I’ve found that horse training works Continue reading

Fire and Emergency Evacuation Plans and Tips for Horse Owners

By Sharon Rogersstable_pic

When we give love and are loved in return we have a great responsibility to the object of our affection. Most important is the responsibility to always take the best care possible of whoever or whatever we love. For those of us that love horses, a major part of that responsibility is to have an emergency evacuation plan prepared just in case we ever need to use it. All of our loved ones, the two legged and four legged varieties, need an evacuation plan that covers all emergencies. Continue reading

Horse Colic: How to Identify and Treat Colic in Horses

By Sharon Rogers

Horse grazingHorse Colic: How to Identify and Treat Colic in Horses

If you love horses and have spent any time around them you have discovered that they can talk to you. Of course, I know that the horse is not having a conversation with you, but their eyes and body language can say so much. If you have ever seen a case of horse colic, you have seen the animal’s distress in a flash. Continue reading