The Quick Reference Trail Riding Gear & Tack Glossary

By Sharon Rogers
Trail Riding GearAre you thinking about going trail riding? I love riding the trail. It can be both peaceful and exhilarating at the same time. If you are planning a ride it is important to know the appropriate trail riding gear, so you can plan accordingly. Safety and comfort are the name of the game. Once you know what gear you will need for yourself, you will need to have the horse tack that will make the ride both safe and comfortable for your horse. Continue reading

Top Tips for Choosing the Right Veterinarian

By Sharon Rogers

Horse VeterinarianOne of the most important acts of love you will ever perform for your horse is choosing the right vet. A horse veterinarian will specialize in the care and treatment of your best friend. He or she will be there to help your horse through difficult times, as well as everyday horse maintenance. Take your time choosing a veterinarian that is a good fit for you and your horse. Whatever you do, DO NOT wait until your horse is sick or injured to form a relationship with your horse veterinarian. In an emergency your horse will be under a lot of stress. If you are anything like me, so will you. The stress will be considerably lessened if you are already comfortable with your horse caregiver.

What to Look For in a Veterinarian

  1. Look for an experienced horse veterinarian. You want someone who has been taking care of horses on a regular basis. This will help to ensure that your vet is comfortable with the common health issues that horses deal with. It will also make it more likely that unusual symptoms will not be beyond the level of expertise.
  2. Ask about availability. When choosing a veterinarian, it is important to know that they will be available when you need them. Regular checkups are easy to schedule but an emergency probably won’t happen at the most opportune time. Will your vet be available when you need help? If not, who will be covering for them? You should know what to expect when the unexpected happens.
  3. Continue reading

Protecting Your Horse From the Horse Theft Threat

By Sharon Rogers
The words horse theft conjure up images of the Wild West for me. I see cowboys and six shooters and the OK Corral. Unfortunately horse thieves are not just a figment of our imaginations, or a scene in a movie. Our beautiful animals are the victims of unscrupulous people all the time. Today I want to spend some time sharing some tips on how you can protect your horse, and yourself from horse theft.

Who Steals Horses, Anyway?

Horse Theft

I guess the easy answer to that question is that horse thieves steal horses. I guess a better question would be why are horses being stolen? In some areas of the world, where horse meat is used for human consumption, horses may be stolen and taken to slaughter. The value of the horse would depend on the market price for the meat. While horse meat cannot be sold legally in the U.S. for human consumption, the slaughter still occurs and the meat is shipped to other countries. Horse meat is also used in some pet foods in the U.S. I won’t get into my personal feelings on horse slaughter houses at this time. I will save my rant on that subject for another day! Continue reading

Read This Before the Next Time You’re on Horseback!

By Sharon Rogers

I hope this beautiful day finds you well, and able to spend some time with your horses. Today I want to talk about ways to avoid injury when you are riding your horse. Horseback safety is an important topic for anyone who rides. We forget, sometimes, how big and strong horses are. They are gentle creatures, but if we are not careful accidents can happen. Let’s figure out how to avoid those accidents. Continue reading

Is Your Horse Overweight? Identifying Obesity in Horses

Horse Eating
By Sharon Rogers

If you love your horse, and I know you do, then it is up to you to keep that horse healthy! What my horse is eating, how much he is eating and how active he is are things I watch out for every day. We all know that carrying too much weight can be a health risk for ourselves. It is time to realize that the same health risks that can plague overweight humans can also affect overweight horses. So today, I want to spend a little time talking about how to be aware of your horse’s weight and fitness so you can spend as many years as possible with your friend and companion. Continue reading